Introducing The Kaffe.
A Sustainable Social Hub.

It's a customised coffee solution, without the fuss.

The Kaffe

Looking for more than coffee machine?  Do you want to enhance your break room and provide a social hub for your employees and visitors?

We can design a fully staffed workplace café to fit in with your existing infrastructure, generating warmth and energy in your lobby or break out area. 

Our unique modular stand-alone coffee units can be constructed around your existing space and individual requirements.  They require no plumbing and won’t compromise your building or structure.  No disruption!  No refurbishment!

Sustainability matters – all our units are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Kaffe Base Units

The Picollo

  • Can be securely locked overnight night
  • Variable configurations
  • Variable coffee machines
  • Serves hot drinks, snacks and fresh bakery products

The Medio

  • Has a wider variety of products than the Picollo
  • Perfect for collaboration, large meeting spaces and lobby areas
  • Utilises under developed real estate space

The Grande

  • Perfect if you require a lunchtime service
  • Wide range of cold drinks and savoury snacks
  • Get up and go. We can provide a range of breakfast items for your staff and visitors
  • Ideal for remote locations with little in the way of off-site amenities
  • Kaffe 01
  • Kaffe 03
  • Kaffe 02
  • Kaffe 04
  • Kaffe 05

    Kaffe Gallery

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